Why you need to visit Arbor Day Farm this fall!

Last weekend Reggie and I made the trip to Nebraska City to visit the Arbor Day Tree Farm. We had been planning this trip since Reggie moved! It was a little bit of a drive for us, but well worth it.  This is a must do for this fall!

What is the Arbor Day Farm? The Arbor Day Farm is an apple orchard, but it has so much more to offer than just that. It has tons of activities perfect for fall, but would be a great trip for spring and summer as well! This apple orchard has some unique characteristics that set it apart from others. I will tell you about all my favorite things that Arbor Day Farm has to offer and why you need to add it to your fall bucketlist this year!

1. The Treehouse The Arbor Day Farm has an amazing trail leading to a 50 foot tree house. There are a few levels to this tree house and inside you can learn about some of the animals that inhabit the area. You can also view a honey bee hive in action! The hike up the stairs leads up to the top deck of the treehouse. This provides an amazing lookout into the forest! It is a great place to stop and rest and soak in all the beauty that surrounds you. It also makes for some great pictures! 😉

How beautiful is this treehouse?

Walking to the top!

2. The South Table Creek Trail This was our very favorite part of our experience. As hiking enthusiasts we loved getting to trek along the 2/3 mile trail that led through the heart of the forest. Along this trail we crossed a few creeks with beautiful wood bridges. There were so many handcrafted wood carvings to see along the walk and some fun places to stop and snap some pictures. One of my favorite stops was a little area in the woods that had three chairs resembling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This was such a charming place to get pictures and would be so fun for kids as well!


Goldilocks was here.
Another unique bridge!

3. The Orchard: After our hike we decided to go check out the apple orchard. This apple orchard stretched out over several acres of land. It was much too big for us to see all of it, but it was so beautiful and there were so many juicy ripe apples that were ready to be picked. The only downside to this was if you wanted to bring any apples home with you then you had to purchase a bag and that was quite pricey. We decided to skipped that, but enjoyed a few while we were there.  They were delicious! In addition to the apple orchard there was also a small pumpkin patch with pumpkins varying in sizes and shapes to pick from!


I had this cutie to help me pick all the one’s that were out of reach 😉

4. The Market We ended our visit at the market, where there are lots of homemade goodies to buy. We were a little bummed because the  cafe attached to the market was already closed when we got there so we didn’t get to try some of the foods we had planned.The cafe offers a variety of options including  apple cider and cherry slushies, fresh baked apple pie ala mode, and a variety of different gourmet caramel apples.  We did however get to try an apple cider slushie from the bar in the market area. This was very refreshing. And anyone of age can add a shot to mix in. The market had all kinds of treats to take home and  offered samples of their homemade wine. If you are a wine enthusiast you have to go and try their apple pie wine! You can even take a jug of their homemade apple and cherry slushies home with you! They  have mini apple donuts and apple pies available for purchase as well. Yum!  The market was the perfect place to buy your fall pumpkins. They have multiple sizes including some weighing over 50 pounds!


Yet to be explored We got there later than I had hoped so there was a lot that we did not have time to do. We were still exploring the trail when the last discovery ride left for the day. This ride takes you behind the scenes of the farm and gives you a better overview of everything it has to offer. It also takes you through their  field of sunflowers when they are in bloom! Additionally they were offering  hayrides during the fall season as well as a corn maze. Inside the tree adventure area there are also lots of activities for kids to do including a wooden maze table , rope climbing, giant musical instruments, and some little hammocks to relax on.  Just across the street is the Arbor Day Lodge Historical Park, where you can take your kids to play or just walk around and explore some more. Inside this park is the historical mansion where the original founder lived. You can get a historical tour of this gorgeous 52 room mansion. Another place we added to our list for next time is the Lied Lodge. This is a beautiful lodge located at the back of farm with a restaurant with award-winning food! This hotel matches the theme of the farm and offers tons of amenities! For our next visit we plan to stay a weekend to get to experience it all!

This farm had so much to offer and I can’t wait to go back as the leaves continue to change to explore some more. Go see this farm for yourself and let me know what you thought of it! Happy fall everyone! 🙂


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