Hair changes=Life changes

The last week has been one  of the most stressful I have had in a while. It was the last week of classes before starting my practicum, where I will start going out to an elementary school to observe and help out in the classroom. Not going to classes for the next month means that all my final assignments were due last week. This week has consisted of hours of homework every night in my free time. That being said I made it through the week! I thought what better way to relax than a trip to the salon. I’ve been wanting to make an appointment for weeks now, but finding time and money complicated that. So finally this week I made the appointment. I knew for sure I wanted to go blonder, but I also wanted to cut my hair. I had been wanting to cut my hair for a long time, but my hair was so long I was starting to have second thoughts. But finally I decided to just go for it! They say when a women cuts her hair she is about to change her life.


The experience: I made my appointment for Aveda Pure salon in Ankeny. If you have never been to an Aveda salon you need to experience it.  It is such a relaxed environment. Services include free neck massages and hand massages while you are waiting for your color to process. My stylist is Meredith who I always love going to. She always does such an amazing job and is such a great listener. We started out with my haircut, and then there was no going back. Just like that it was done. She did exactly what I asked, which in the past has always been a problem for me. I often find hair stylists doing what they want instead of what I ask. But she couldn’t have done a better job.

Hair Inspiration: My hair inspiration was Julianne Hough. Ever since I watch her movie Safe Haven I wanted to cut my hair short like hers.  I ended up cutting several inches off my hair. Wanting a longer bob, and wanted to go a much lighter blonde.



Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a great week! XO