How to survive a long road trip without losing your mind…

These last few years it seems like I spend more time in the car then out of it. Between making the 30 minute commute to work, 2 hour drive home to see my family, and now 3 hour drive to see Reggie I have gotten used to spending quite a bit of time in the car and have learned to love it. On top of my more frequent commutes I am always looking for a good road trip and the past few years I have made quite a few. Some recent trips include South Dakota, Chicago, and the more lengthy drives to Texas, Florida, and Tennesse.So today I am going to reminisce on those trips and share my tips on  how I survive all those hours in the car.


Dallas Spring 2015


1. Make a playlist This seems like a no brainer, but I feel like I have made the mistake a few times thinking I could just listen to the radio or whatever is on my phone, but plan a head and make a playlist for the trip. This past year I have invested in AppleMusic so I can download premade playlist and download as many songs as I want for a low monthly price. Before going on a trip make a playlist of a variety of different songs including different genres, new favorites, and lots of throwbacks. Making a playlist limits your distractions of having to choose a new song while driving as well.

Nashville Summer 2014

2. Comedy This is one that I discovered on our recent trip to Sioux Falls. I was a 5 hour ride back home and where I don’t mind long road trips, they are not Reggie’s favorite. Since we had Apple Music (again I highly suggest investing in Apple Music) we ended up listening to comedy the entire ride home. We like to listen to Daniel Tosh. The car ride went by so much faster and I burnt some extra calories while sitting from all the laughing. There are a ton of comedians to listen to on Apple Music and I recently discovered Ellen has a standup album as well.

Sioux Falls Summer 2017. Reggie is the best photographer. 😉 

3. Audiobooks Okay, I feel a little bit nerdy adding this one, but this is one of my favorites. This past summer a friend of mine was doing the long distance thing with her boyfriend as well and she was driving up to see him almost every weekend. She is the one who told me about how she listens to audiobooks to make the drive go by faster. So when Reggie moved  I was bored with music and having already listened to all of Tosh’s albums multiple times I decided to give it a try. I did some research and soon discovered that audiobooks are very expensive, around $20 on average per book, and there are programs such as Audible which is similar to Netflix only for audiobooks, but that is quite pricey as well and it limits you to one book per month. So I decided to check out my local library. I was in luck. There were tons of audiobooks to choose from and a three week due date. I was still a little skeptical of whether or not I would like them, but I love them. I almost always listen to audiobooks when I drive now and sometimes I even find it hard to get out of my car when its just getting to the good part.

Chicago Winter 2016

4.Roadtrip games Games are always a good way to help pass the time on a road trip especially when traveling with a group of people and it can be a good way to get to know everybody a little bit better. A little competition is always a good way to that second kick of energy when things start to get boring. Here are some of my favorite games!

  • 20 questions: Someone thinks of something and then you get 20 questions to ask to help guess. Whoever guesses right gets to pick the next time.
  • Name that song: Someone picks a song, either plays or sings it and someone has to guess the song or artist.
  • The movie game: Someone picks an actress then someone has to name a movie that they played in, then pick another actress, then keep going off of that until someone gets bored or gets it wrong.
  • Fortunately/Unfortunately: Someone starts off the game by saying something like “fortunately this will be my first time seeing the mountains”. Then someone else follows by an unfortunately. Example “unfortunately there are angry bears in the mountains that attack”.  Keep alternating with fortunatelys and unfortunatelys If someone pauses or stumbles with what to say they get a strike and 3 strikes you’re out!
  • ABC game: You see what person can get from a-z first using only letters they see throughout the drive. Once someone calls it, that sign or object cannot be used again.
  • 2 truths and a lie: This is a great one to get to know who you are traveling with better. Simply state 2 truths and a lie about yourself and see who can guess them right.
  • The license plate game: This one is a classic. Write down all the license plates each person gets to see who can get the most throughout the trip.
  • Word Association: Someone starts with a word and each person says another word associated with that word. Whoever stumbles get a strike until they are out. Winner picks next word. Ex: Car, road trip, family..ect.
South Dakota Summer 2014

5.Watch a movie: This only works for larger groups of people and traveling with kids. But with multiple people watching movies are a great way to pass time. So invest in a portable dvd player and most importantly headphones, because not everybody is going to want to listen to it. This is a great way to keep small children entertained and adults too! Pack several movies ahead of time so you are prepared. The more the better. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. To save on car space buy a pouch at the store that stores multiple dvds.

Destin, Florida Spring 2016

6. Bring Snacks: Especially on long car rides it is always important to come prepared with an assortment of snacks and water. Hydration is important. Go shopping ahead a time and pack a variety of different snacks. Some healthy and maybe some junk food as well. This will minimize stops and save you money, because everything is overpriced at gas stations.

Chicago Fall 2015

7. Additional things to bring. Always make sure to have additional things close and ready if you need them in case of an emergency. These include portable cellphone charger, maybe a flashlight, and have things prepared in case you get a flat tire or in case of an accident. If the weather is cold always bring extra coats, hats, gloves, and blankets.

Kansas City Summer 2015

8. Dressing for comfort.  Always make sure you are dressed comfortably and maybe have some extra clothes close. Dress in layers because it is easier to put on another layer than get in a fight with someone about changing the temperature in the car. Wear close toed shoes while driving is always recommended. Also wear clothes that you can move around in. When spending a long time in the car comfort is key.

Omaha Fall 2017

Hope some of these tips helped! Thank you for reading and safe travels! Have a great week!